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Re: Updating live USB disk with live-rw

Tomek wrote:

A USB disk with hdd-usb image written on it creates a FAT32 partition in which /live folder contains filesystem.squashfs file (and others). So I'm overwriting one file with its newer version extracted from newer hdd-usb image. No syslinux problems, no re-config needed, it's the same file, just newer.

I figured that out. Syslinux stuff belongs to a different directory but this does not mean that your were playing with fire.

Anyway I'm glad it worked for you. I'll add it to my list (learning a new thing everyday)
It seems to me that you intend to use your system as a
regular debian installation.
Well, almost. I'm quite new to Linux and the aim is to play, try things, and learn. First I tried VirtualBox on Windows with Ubuntu inside, didn't like it, so I switched to Debian. Next step was to try Debian on real hardware, hence the live-USB idea (the USB disk is also a great recovery tool, I have other tools there, like UBCD4Win). Probably next step will be a dual-boot PC, but not yet. Debian-live boots surprisingly fast from my USB flash disk.

Welcome to the jungle then. But first and foremost: Enjoy your new toy!!!

All the best for Easter!

Same for you too.


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