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Re: Can't boot live DVD Debian 6, KDE, 1GB

It's good that you know what your comfort zone is, so I can understand your reluctance to open the case.

Another idea along these lines would be to make a BIOS setting change to temporarily disable the drive controller that your hard drive is connected to. Some BIOSes support this and maybe this type of change would be less risky for you. Of course this is meaningful only if it does not simultaneously disable your DVD drive or whatever it is that you are attempting to boot Debian from.

As a side note, I have no idea what your root problem might be. The "without hard drive" suggestion came to mind as I have recently been experimenting with Debian by booting from a USB thumb drive on a bare motherboard with no hard drives connected.


On 3/21/2011 11:13 AM, dave boland wrote:

My biggest reluctance to opening the cover is that I seem to have the
reverse Midas touch, so the computer ends up in the computer $hop.  What
I have decided to do to debug the situation is to first try the latest
Suse release to see what it does.  Suse is not based on Debian (one of
the very few).  If it boots without problems then I have a difficult
decision to make.  I like Debian and the Debian derivatives and don't
want to leave it. However, the need for an up to date Linux machine is
more important.

If it has similar problems, then it is time to open the case.  I will
try booting without the hard drive as you suggest.  Then I will look at
the jumpers to see if it is set in single mode.  There is but one hard
drive in the computer, so single mode should work.

I guess what bugs me is that the BIOS seems ok with the jumper settings,
so I don't get why either the kernel of Debian (not sure where the
problem is) has such issues.  This is especially true since all previous
versions of Debian booted with out problem.  Though to be completely
open, the Debian lice cd based on 5 had video issues that took a while
to fix.  I hope that I don't run into that problem again, but we will


On Mon, 21 Mar 2011 10:36 -0700, "Csaba Kormendy"
<ckormendy.dev@gmail.com>  wrote:
How about temporarily disconnecting your hard drive while testing with
the live DVD?


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