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Re: --packages-list debian-science problems

On 03/15/2011 02:28 PM, carolus wrote:
> After creating the .img and dd'ing to a thumb drive, I was surprised to
> find that debian-science booted to the command line.  When I typed
> xmaxima, I got an error message. When I typed R, I got the R prompt, but
> when I then tried the command "demo(graphics)", it failed. (I've used
> the online CGI builder successfully with both xmaxima and R in
> combination with the LXDE package list).

The debian-science list is not a whole desktop system.  Have a look at
/usr/share/live/build/lists/debian-science. It only includes 'standard'.
That will not give you a desktop. You can specify multiple lists with
the --packages-lists option, e.g. "--packages-lists debian-science
lxde-desktop" should work and probably gives you something like what you
were expecting.

> I tried dd if=/dev/sda | md5sum to see if the thumb drive matched the
> .img.  It did not match, but then when I tried the same thing with a
> thumb drive that was known to work correctly, that did not match either.
>  I suppose this trick, which can be used to match a DVD with its .iso,
> does not work with flash drives and .img.

Consider that the .img is probably smaller than /dev/sda. When you dd it
back, how does dd know when to stop? If you dd back the same amount of
material you initially dd'd to it, the md5sums should agree.

> Is anyone actually using the debian-science configuration?

I haven't heard of any problems with it. That could mean everyone who is
using it is happy with it, or nobody uses it. It's hard to know for sure. :)


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