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Re: Can't include scientific packages using online CGI builder

On 3/12/2011 8:05 PM, Richard Nelson wrote:

Well the mailers serve an important purpose of notification that the
requested build is complete. The estimated time is between 5 and 20
minutes, but, the times can run longer and since the builds are
serialized, should you hit a time when builds get spooled up you can
wait longer. So I ask again that you try from another email address
since I do receive the email notifications.

I've tried both from a .net domain and from a .edu domain, but they are probably both served by AT&T since that is the only carrier I know of in this state. I'm not getting the mail notifications at either address. Perhaps the debian server is either blacklisted or not whitelisted by AT&T.

 In an effort to assist
you, I attempt to list your recent builds.

I think I've identified that problem. I was bookmarking the page with "Your build will be available at: <URL>" in order to remember the output URL, but each time that I referenced that page, it apparently resubmitted the job and created a new URL, so I never had a URL that worked. I only noticed that the URL was changing when I started using a script to automate the download.

If your selections would be valuable for others, you could submit a
wishlist bug to add a specific list or append these packages to

Thanks. I hadn't heard of debian-science. All the packages of interest to me build with the "standard" core and so now I'm experimenting to see where conflicts arise when packages are used in combination. I suppose that build failures are most likely due to bugs in the packages, but I have no experience with debian package management to know how often to expect bugs. I can't tell from the log files whether a failure results from a package bug, a debian-live bug, or a built-in constraint.

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