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Re: Problems building ES manual

I asked Ralph about this on irc. Here's the solution:

14:47 < ralph> offending line is:
14:47 < ralph> "imágenes más utilizadas. El tipo de imagen más
versátil,#{iso-hybrid}#, se"
14:47 < ralph> fixed with:
14:48 < ralph> "imágenes más utilizadas. El tipo de imagen más versátil,
#{iso-hybrid}#, se"
14:48 < ralph> will have to think how to make more robust in such
14:50 < ralph> SynrG ↑
14:51 < ralph> in pdf thinks it is a link when attached and should not do so
14:51 < ralph> actually i should check, i think is identified as a link
earlier, and should not be
14:52 < ralph> as there is no { such markup form }#lnk present
14:54 < ralph> will look at code to fix (to prevent that bug) this evening

Please fix the translation and this will work around the problem.


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