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is it posible add a deb or udeb file to a usb debian live ?

Hello everybody

I try with some hacking adding a deb or udeb file directly to USB
media pool directory

1.- Mount usb
2.- Copy deb or udeb file to usb pool/main/extra directory.
3.- Rewrite dists/*/main/*/Packages files with dpkg-scanpackages
(-tdeb for binary-i386 and -tudeb for debian-installer/binary-i386)
4.- Rewrite dists/*/main/*/Packages.gz with cat Packages | gzip -9c >
5.- Rewrite dist/*/Release with apt-ftparchive
6.- Rewrite md5sum.txt file.
7.- Umount USB

Can this work?

Thanks in advance.

José Luis Zabalza
jlz.3008  a t  gmail.com
Linux Counter 172551

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