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Re: Live-manual 10.3 Persistence

Daniel Baumann wrote:
On 03/03/2011 06:09 PM, chals wrote:
Could not find kernel image:persistent.

The right boot parameter is "live persistent"
'live' is a label of an entry in the bootloaders config. after a
bootloader entry, parameters can be specified, such as 'persistent' or

the manual says that you should use 'persistent' as a boot parameter,
that means that you add it after the label of the entry of the
bootloader config that you want to boot, not as a replacement of the
entry (also, that is what the word 'parameter' means anyhow).

Alright, I understand what you mean and you are right. Because you are talking about the bootloader config.

But what I'm talking about or what I meant is that from a "debian-live for dummies" point of view, or "user downloading a pre-built image" you need to type "live persistent" at the boot prompt, otherwise you can't boot the live image.

I know the manual is not focused on the mortal user but it is the main point of reference to all things live related. Many users may be interested in that small but important detail.


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