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Bug#614120: (no subject)

Package: live-build
version 2.0.12-2
this in in squeeze

al@think20:~$ lb config -k 686 -p standard --mode emdebian
root@think20:/home/al# lb build 2>&1 | tee build.log
P: Setting up cleanup function
P: Begin caching bootstrap stage...
P: Begin bootstrapping system...
P: If the following stage fails, the most likely cause of the problem is with your mirror configuration, a caching proxy or the sid distribution.
P: Running debootstrap (download-only)...
I: Retrieving Release
E: Failed getting release file http://buildd.emdebian.org/grip/dists/sid/Release
P: Begin unmounting filesystems...

there is a problem with live-build and emdebian

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