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Re: RFC untested patch to boot an iso image file from Gujin signature (ia32)

> > The Gujin bootloader can simulate an El-Torito boot process (creating
> > a virtual BIOS disk with 2kbytes sectors) from an iso file image in a
> > E2/3/4FS or FAT filesystem (instead of a real CDROM).
> [...]
> > What are you thinking of this approach?
> sounds interesting. i'll sure give it a try and merge things after
> squeeze (in about a week or two).

Thanks, then I'll do some modifications (the -rc2 seem to not understand
shell construct like "return $([ "${A}" != "${B}" ])", trivial to fix)
and add CDROM probing (they are not included in /proc/partitions) to
find iso image files inside ISO9660 filesystem on a CDROM, do more
tests and resubmit within two weeks.


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