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Bug#611910: live-helper: cannot set Swiss German keyboard layout using lh_config

On 03/02/11 12:33 PM, Piotr wrote:
> Package: live-helper
> Version: 1.0.3-2
> Severity: important
> hi
> I've Lenny installed and I've done an customized LIVE USB image with Swiss German keyboard layout using these commands:
> # lh config -b usb-hdd --bootappend-live "locales=de_CH.UTF-8 keyboard-layouts=ch" --packages-list xfce
> # lh_build[/code] 
> An binary.img was successfully created, but if I boot from this image then I still have default US keyboard under xfce.

First of all, Squeeze will be released Real Soon Now. Consider using it

Second, if you really must use Lenny, either read the doc for
live-initramfs in Lenny, as the option names are different.


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