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live-persistence.binds and live-snapshot.exclude_list with live-boot 2.0.11-1

I'd been successfully using live-snapshot (from live-initramfs (1.156.1+1.157.2-1)) with debian-live-507-i386-gnome-desktop.iso
I'd been using /etc/live-snapshot.list and /etc/live-snapshot.exclude_list and life was good.

I am now testing with debian-sq-live-rc1-i386-gnome-desktop.iso which provides live-snapshot via live-boot 2.0.11-1.
In the newer live-snapshot man page, is see documentation for /etc/live-persistence.binds but the documentation for
/etc/live-snapshot.exclude_list has been omitted.

There are examples for both live-persistence.binds and live-snapshot.exclude_list in /usr/share/doc/live-boot/examples so I'm guessing that there is an intent for both of these files to be supported by live-boot/live-snapshot.  However, I am having problems with using live-persistence.binds, so I've tried the now-undocumented live-snapshot.exclude_list as well.

/etc/live-snapshot.list seems to work ok in that I can limit the snapshot to contain just "/etc/live-snapshot.list" and "/home".

What I'd like to do now is exclude things like "/home/user/.mozilla".

If I have just /home/user/.mozilla in /etc/live-persistence.binds, .mozilla still ends up in live-sn.cpio.gz and I don't see the tmpfs described on the man page.

Using /etc/live-snapshot.exclude_list seems to work ok in that "/home/user/.mozilla" is omitted from live-sn.cpio.gz.

While live-snapshot.exclude_list seems to work ok, is it in the process of being deprecated since it is no longer documented on the man page?

An additional question regarding live-persistence.binds/live-snapshot.exclude_list:

If I don't have any of the /etc/live-* files, I end up with a live-sn.cpio.gz containing "/live/cow".
I tried to make a snapshot with the default "/live/cow", but exclude a few things (/var/log) using live-persistence.binds/live-snapshot.exclude_list.  However, in this case I end up with an empty live-sn.cpio.gz.  Is live-snapshot.list required in order to use live-persistence.binds/live-snapshot.exclude_list?


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