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Re: X restarts when shutting down from GNOME

2010/12/12, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>:
> when using persistency, it can be that you'll keep having a
> /etc/profile.d/zz-xinit.sh. make sure that you have a supported display
> manager (so xinit won't be used) and remove the file manually.

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately there are no files inside /etc/profile.d .
With gdm installed, I keep seeing the login screen just after clicking
"Shutdown" from GNOME's menu. About 10 seconds later, the shutdown
process finally starts. This problem doesn't happen when I shut down
from the command line. Comparing the shutdown durations, when turning
off the system using GNOME's button, it takes about 10 seconds longer
then from the command line, due to the X server restarting during the

If there are any other tests I can do or helpful log files I can post,
please tell me.

Best regards,


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