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Re: [Debian] Successful installation report: congrats and thanks !

Which laptop (model), if may I ask?

2010/12/4 Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <didier@raboud.com>
Hi all,

I know this might sound as spam, but it ain't ! I would like to send kudos for a
new success of Debian I enjoyed yesterday, when I got the duty to save my
girlfriend's old laptop from the evils of MS XP.

So I first did a backup of her files and then decided to try the latest Debian
Live on a USB key: it worked perfectly; although I had to know if her laptop was
i386 or amd64: I would have loved a bi-arch live hd image. But it worked ! Hence
kudos to debian-live@l.d.o !

Then, after enjoying that everything was working out-of-the-box (X, wifi, …) I
downloaded the debian-installer-launcher, which also worked perfectly (beside
one useability bug: #605401). And the installation felt _very_ fast: it took
something like 15 minutes to complete the install. Hence kudos to the debian-
installer-launcher maintainers !

Then I rebooted and wanted to make sure the box was uptodate, which failed as
the /etc/apt/sources.list only contained lines for the "CD". Other than that,
everything fine.

Then, as my girlfriend is an intensive iPod user, I had to make it at least
accessible from Debian; but Rythmbox was already there, doing the job: great !
Hence kudos to Rythmbox and libgpod maintainers ! (Please forward to others if
needed !)

All-in-all, I am very disappointed by such a success: I had almost nothing to
fix nor tweak to get Debian on her machine: almost everything went smooth.

Keep up the good job !


Didier Raboud, proud Debian Maintainer (DM).
CH-1020 Renens


Umarzuki Mochlis

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