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Some issues with live-build 2.0.7-1 in ubuntu mode

Hi, I know this forum does not support live-build in ubuntu mode. I have found a few problems and would like to report them. Where can I do this?

I will list the issues here just for completeness.

I invoked live-build like this
lb config -b "usb-hdd" -a "amd64" -d "maverick" --mirror-bootstrap "http://localhost/${REPOSITORY}"; \
        --mirror-chroot "http://localhost/${REPOSITORY}"; \
        --mirror-binary "http://localhost/${REPOSITORY}"; \
        --mode "ubuntu" \
        --source "false" \
        --verbose \
        --debian-installer "live" \
        --debian-installer-distribution "maverick" \
        --debian-installer-gui "true"\
        --win32-loader "false"

first problem: build of binary image fails since linux-image-2.6-generic does not exist in the archive. I edited lb_binary_debian-installer and replaced linux-image-2.6-generic with linux-image-2.6.35-23-generic so that it executes past this step.

second problem: building the binary usb image (lb binary usb) fails again with

gzip: ../binary/casper/initrd.img*.gz: No such file or directory
cpio: premature end of archive

the files in ../binary/casper are : initrd1.img vmlinuz1 filesystem.squashfs etc:

Thanks. Where should I report this?
Rob Key

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