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Bug#603974: marked as done (needs to reconfigure console-setup)

Your message dated Mon, 22 Nov 2010 23:22:34 +0000
with message-id <E1PKfiU-0004pY-Dw@franck.debian.org>
and subject line Bug#603974: fixed in live-installer 28
has caused the Debian Bug report #603974,
regarding needs to reconfigure console-setup
to be marked as done.

This means that you claim that the problem has been dealt with.
If this is not the case it is now your responsibility to reopen the
Bug report if necessary, and/or fix the problem forthwith.

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603974: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=603974
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Package: live-installer
Severity: serious
Version: 27
Tags: patch
Owner: debian-live@lists.debian.org

As it is now, live-installer fails in providing a proper keyboard configuration 
in the installed system, in fact it fails in propagating kbd-chooser debconf 

Something changed in how console-setup-udeb is handled in d-i, and for squeeze 
i found that depending on it and invoking the postinst would succeed.

Note that live-build fails to provide console-setup-udeb (fixed in git) 
available in "pool/" and since console-setup-udeb is not available anymore in 
the initrd, to test this patch you need to fix live-build exclude-udeb or 
provide a console-setup-udeb in some way.

Patch attached.

From 5c3dfb5cb1d660d6824bc3c4ebdecbbc11bf024c Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Marco Amadori <amadorim@vdavda.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 17:19:26 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] Fix keyboard setup.

* Explicit depends on console-setup-udeb and call its postinst to
  transfer d-i choosed keymap to target system.
 debian/changelog               |    6 ++++++
 debian/control                 |    2 +-
 live-installer.d/console-setup |    5 +++++
 3 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 live-installer.d/console-setup

diff --git a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog
index 1d43205..a3317ab 100644
--- a/debian/changelog
+++ b/debian/changelog
@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@
+live-installer (28) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
+  * Fix missing keyboard setup by calling console-setup-udeb postinst.
+ -- Marco Amadori <amadorim@vdavda.com>  Tue, 16 Nov 2010 17:15:33 +0100
 live-installer (27) unstable; urgency=low
   * We should depends on created-fstab since it needs to be available to
diff --git a/debian/control b/debian/control
index a18e966..8910e0f 100644
--- a/debian/control
+++ b/debian/control
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Architecture: any
  ${shlibs:Depends}, archdetect, base-installer (>= 1.105),
  busybox-udeb (>= 1:1.13.3), cdebconf-udeb, created-fstab, mounted-partitions,
- squashfs-modules
+ squashfs-modules, console-setup-udeb
 Provides: installed-base, kernel-installer
 XB-Installer-Menu-Item: 6500
 Description: Install the system
diff --git a/live-installer.d/console-setup b/live-installer.d/console-setup
new file mode 100755
index 0000000..37ffa8e
--- /dev/null
+++ b/live-installer.d/console-setup
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+#!/bin/sh -e
+if [ -e /var/lib/dpkg/info/console-setup-udeb.postinst ]; then
+	/var/lib/dpkg/info/console-setup-udeb.postinst

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--- Begin Message ---
Source: live-installer
Source-Version: 28

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
live-installer, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive:

  to main/l/live-installer/live-installer_28.dsc
  to main/l/live-installer/live-installer_28.tar.gz
  to main/l/live-installer/live-installer_28_i386.udeb

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to 603974@bugs.debian.org,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

Debian distribution maintenance software
Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> (supplier of updated live-installer package)

(This message was generated automatically at their request; if you
believe that there is a problem with it please contact the archive
administrators by mailing ftpmaster@debian.org)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 22:51:10 +0100
Source: live-installer
Binary: live-installer
Architecture: source i386
Version: 28
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>
 live-installer - Install the system (udeb)
Closes: 598181 603974 604126 604133
 live-installer (28) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Also removing debian-installer-launcher from target (Closes: #604133).
   * Adding support for btrfs (Closes: #598181).
   [ Otavio Salvador ]
   * Use install_extra from base-installer's library. Closes: #604126.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Reconfigure openssh-server to regenerate host keys if required.
   * Reconfigure console-setup to apply keyboard configuration (Closes: #603974).
   [ Updated translations ]
   * si (si.po) by Danishka Navin
   * Slovenian (sl.po) by Vanja Cvelbar
 88d89477946c58dc1feff0246e4fb06b2005fa1b 1047 live-installer_28.dsc
 2a81f49df5a44c531f19f73944117795ff808512 52528 live-installer_28.tar.gz
 5ed6eb3a657a10884f6c7cd1d83a1896440faf37 28524 live-installer_28_i386.udeb
 f3c9f6596dc7b411c4bddd58e5c824fa74481f2137c6faf9d0b2d6b227ec4b6f 1047 live-installer_28.dsc
 ff284493a8bce162b92fa5c0e30241d7226576506e907b7c5cff8462b1736109 52528 live-installer_28.tar.gz
 b5f7da7defd1bc0dce62f5cf15df0ccf88a4d68494a8a28c520e6d196534e4f2 28524 live-installer_28_i386.udeb
 715cfac5fe17a69b89e26e3491278585 1047 debian-installer optional live-installer_28.dsc
 44d3f0772ff4e4b93173332b62ed5b5f 52528 debian-installer optional live-installer_28.tar.gz
 30382efb0b06cb6879d277ffd38d2b0b 28524 debian-installer optional live-installer_28_i386.udeb
Package-Type: udeb

Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


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