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Bug#603974: live-installer should depend and use console-setup-udeb

Marco Amadori, le Fri 19 Nov 2010 00:29:59 +0100, a écrit :
> As it is now, live-installer fails in providing a proper keyboard configuration 
> in the installed system, in fact it fails in propagating kbd-chooser debconf 
> values.
> Something changed in how console-setup-udeb is handled in d-i, and for squeeze 
> i found that depending on it and invoking the postinst would succeed.

I don't understand this. How was console-setup-udeb involved in
live-installer before?  As I understand your sentences, live-installer
seems to be using the kbd-chooser udeb, and installing console-setup in
the installer system.  If so, then the bug is rather in console-setup,
not in console-setup-udeb.  Depending on console-setup-udeb is just a
convoluted way to fix things, as I guess what its postinst does to fix
this in your case is just doing what console-setup is supposed to be
doing in the installed system, already...


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