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[debian-manual] can't make commit


I've done what's wrote in the manual, but there seems to be a bug in
the makefile or so...
I get a brand new branch (git clone)
I edit a file
then I do make commit
and here is what I get:

# Removing useless whitespaces at EOL
for FILE in manual/en/*.ssm manual/en/*.ssi; \
do \
sed -i -e 's|[ \t]*$||' ${FILE}; \
Checking for syntax errors... [not implemented yet - FIXME]
Checking for spelling errors... [not implemented yet - FIXME]
make -C manual rebuild
make[1]: entrant dans le répertoire «
/home/creak/Code/live-manual/live-manual/manual »
rm -f po/*/*.po~
rm -f po4a.cfg
rm -rf de fr pt_BR ro
Updating version information...
echo "[po4a_langs] de fr pt_BR ro" > po4a.cfg
echo "[po4a_paths] pot/\$master.pot \$lang:po/\$lang/\$master.po" >> po4a.cfg
for FILE in en/*.ssm en/*.ssi; \
do \
echo "[type: text] ${FILE} \$lang:\$lang/$(basename ${FILE})" >> po4a.cfg; \
echo "[type: xhtml] en/index.html.in \$lang:\$lang/index.html.in" >> po4a.cfg
po4a --keep 0 --no-backups --package-name live-manual po4a.cfg
(1094 entrées)
for LANGUAGE in de fr pt_BR ro; \
do \
cp -a en/_sisu ${LANGUAGE}; \
make[1]: quittant le répertoire «
/home/creak/Code/live-manual/live-manual/manual »
Please fix fuzzy in manual/po/* first.
make: *** [commit] Erreur 1

What does "Please fix fuzzy" mean?


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