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Re: Another idea: multiples sizes of USB key

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 17:32, Marcos Barbosa
<marcosestevesbarbosa@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have another idea (i have idea, i post. It's a crime? A hope not :) Create
> a option to generate USB image with pre-determinated size. Eg. lh_config -b
> usb-hdd --size 4GB
> This command generate a file binary.img with 4GB ready to put in a 4GB USB
> key. Remember: This is a optional option. If omitted the image is the same
> size has a files inside. (the default). Thanks.
> P.S.: I like comments ;)

This wouldn't do much good.  You can't write into a squash filesystem.
 What I think you mean is that on firstboot, you would have something
like a jffs2 partition created that would allow you to expand what's
on the squashfs via aufs.

But unless you're installing in a flash ram (not USB) system of known
size, seems to me the current system is more than adequate.  Perhaps
what you'd like is an automated script to make use of the additional
space on the USB, perhaps where you could choose leftover space as
0-100% live-rw/remaining % as home-rw?

Remember though, that writes to USB sticks shorten their life, and
installing a live-rw or home-rw would result in extra writes.  For
this reason, I usually use live-snapshot to a partition labelled home
(vice home-rw).


David A. Bandel
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