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Re: --syslinux-timeout on live-build CGI

On Fri, 22 Oct 2010, Daniel Baumann wrote:

On 10/22/2010 07:54 AM, Brian High wrote:
So, I am requesting that the developers of the inline live build CGI please add this option to the web form.

you can enter arbitrary options in --bootappend-live, no need for
another option to be added.

Thanks, Daniel.

Hmm.  I do not see that option ( --syslinux-timeout ) as being listed as a --bootappend-live option, and since it is an option for syslinux and not actually a kernel boot option, I am confused as to why it would work as a --bootappend-live option.  In all of the documentation, it is its own separate lb config option.

I am trying to get others at the university to switch to Debian Live for our firewall appliances

nice. we'll have soon a page on live.debian.net/project/deployment that
people can use to list deployments (similar as with
live.debian.net/project/downstream for downstream projects). it would be
nice to get you listed there once your using it in production.

Will do.  We are wanting to replace our Gibralter firewalls with something we can keep more up-to-date, yet still use the same iptables scripts and interfaces files (with only minor updates).  Debian Live seems ideal.  I love the flexibility and ease of use.

We currently use these configuration script generators:

So the idea is to update the FW generators for the latest iptables syntax and use Debian Live as the build system.  Since many admins do not run Debian systems (other than the FWs), being able to build online is a huge plus in terms of gaining interest in the project.


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