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Strange bug


Seem to have stumbled on a very strange bug.  So strange I don't know
where to report it (which package).

Problem arises only after using live-snapshot.  That is, booting from
the usb live works fine.  But if a live-sn is found, I suddenly find
tty1 is spawning startx (the X server is already running via gdm).

I can find _nothing_ in the live-sn cpio that would cause this.

I cannot find where or what is spawning startx like crazy.

Workaround:  comment out line in inittab for tty1 (no console on F1
now) and all is well.

Anyone have any clue about what might be causing this and how to fix
or at least what package to report this bug against?


David A. Bandel
Focus on the dream, not the competition.
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