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Re: usb help

On 10/20/2010 12:11 PM, christophe siraut wrote:
> I was looking for the same information -how to make a usb stick
> persistent- and could not find it in in the manual. A page on from the
> wiki [1] gave me the answer although information there is not completely
> valid for current vesion (persistent file/partition was named "caper-rw").
> Maybe a "4.3.4 Persitency" chapter (just after "4.3.3 Using the space left
> on a USB stick") could help people. Something about "live-rw" partitions
> being autodiscoverd when "persistent" flag is added at boot time (or in
> "syslinux/live.cfg").

It's in there, but temporarily disabled because there's a lot of
material that is out of date and needs to be reviewed and updated before
going into the release.  It's still in the source, however:


  Other material that formerly appeared in this section is out of date
  and/or has not been approved for release. It has therefore been
  omitted, but can still be found in the document source; see 'About
  this manual'. Any part of the omitted material that is still useful
  will be included in the release only after it has been reviewed.

The Live Manual is currently in the middle of extensive rework.  Please
be patient while the documentation gnomes work their magic on it.  Sorry
for the inconvenience.


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