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Bug#600283: live-build: binary.img not created, incorrect sources.list

severity 600283 important
tag 600283 unreproducible
tag 600283 moreinfo

On 10/15/2010 04:17 PM, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> I define a mirror for the bootstrap phase. A mirror (the same) for the
> chroot phase. A mirror (still the same) for the binary phase. I make a
> configuration for a usb-hdd build.

this should aequivalent to:

  lb config -b usb-hdd \
  --mirror-bootstrap http://mirror/debian.org/debian/ \
  --mirror-chroot http://mirror/debian.org/debian/ \
  --mirror-binary http://mirror/debian.org/debian/ && \
  lb build

which works for me (mirror is my local mirror), so i can't reproduce that.

> But in the end, live-build fails silently. The script finishes, and I
> don’t get any binary.img.

could you provide the full lb config line, as well as the full log of
the build?

> In chroot/etc/apt/sources.list, there is only one line:
> 	deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ squeeze main
> Since ftp.us is not reachable from the machine where it is building
> (remember, I set a specific mirror precisely because of that), this
> explains the error.

that sounds strange, since we do not default to nor use ftp.us.
anywhere. i suspect this comes from an unclean config or previously
interrupted build. please have a look at the recommendations here:


> seriously? isn’t the contents of the chroot supposed to be fixed after
> the chroot phase?

due to the lack of read-only bind mounts (read-only as in 'no writes at
all, including additions' rather than 'no writes to existing files
only') in linux, we have to copy stuff. in order to not use even more
diskspace, we touch the chroot after creating the filesystem image
again. this is a compromise, and usually not a problem. except when it
fails, which means that you have to rebuild the chroot from scratch.

> So, should I prepare for sacrificing a chicken now?

you 'broke' the chroot (see above), so you need to rebuild the chroot
stage again: 'lb clean && lb build'

> I’m seriously sick of the whole of live-build being changed in each
> version. I used to be able to build working images with earlier versions
> of 2.0.

i don't think the error you're experiencing is caused by any of the
2.0.x updates.

> We’re supposed to be in a *deep freeze*, and not only did the
> configuration format change again, but now it’s not even possible to do
> the simplest things anymore.

2.0.x did not introduce configuration format changes.

what you're refering to is that there was a change in the variables
between a pre-2.0.x version (2.0~a20-1) until it's final layout to 2.0.0-1.

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