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syslinux 3.71 to 4


I have an existing build, using debian lenny and live-helper 1 which uses syslinux 3.71
Now for squeeze and live-builder 2, it seems that version 4 of syslinux is used.
My problem is that I update my software remotely by just overwriting the existing files in the binary partition with the new files(I have extra room in the binary partition for this).
This worked OK but now when I overwrite the files the 3.71 syslinux bootloader is not finding files to boot. At startup it just says one line "syslinux 3.71 etc..." and stops there... it is not booting. Ideally, what can I do to make it boot without having to change the MBR? Secondly, can live-builder 2 work with the older 3.71? or is this a bad idea?

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