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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#598935: live-build3 a4 exits with an error message when "--binary-pool true" has been used

On 03.10.2010 16:12, Daniel Baumann wrote:
severity 598935 minor

On 10/03/2010 03:27 PM, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
severity 598935 normal
first, don't set the severity without justification.

I mentioned it already (see below a copy) - only the "true" value of the "--binary-pool" option makes sense for people who need a local pool.
Why? - please read below as "normal" applies:
# ---

How would you rate the severity of this problem or report?

1 important a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a package, without rendering it completely unusable to everyone.

2 normal a bug that does not undermine the usability of the whole package; for example, a problem with a particular option or menu item.

3 minor things like spelling mistakes and other minor cosmetic errors that do not affect the core functionality of the package.

4 wishlist   suggestions and requests for new features.
# ---

second, don't mess with the severity, the destinction between
non-serious severities is entirely up to the descretion of the
maintainer, not of the submitter.
I can imagine that as a maintainer you are not happy about .. however nobody is perfect and it is a better way to correct the code than make long discussions about.

No one really needs to show who is the alpha ... it will not help the debian live project.

So I will stop the further discussion about this issue.

Those of debian live users who need this "--binary-pool true" option can find patches as follows:

I hope one day the issue will be solved in the original code.

Take care/stay cool.




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