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Bug#598542: please support boot without aufs

retitle 598542 support tmpfs fallback
ressign 598542 live-boot
severity 598542 wishlist

Sam Vilain <sam.vilain@catalyst.net.nz> wrote:
> aufs is an out-of-tree project, and this presents considerable
> management challenges.  For instance, current the Linux kernel in
> experimental has no aufs module.

for >2.6.32, we are aiming for uionmount support. yesterday, Michal
provided a patch for initial support of that. have a look at

> Given that compared to tmpfs, aufs is used primarily to save RAM, it
> should be reasonable to fall back on tmpfs for creating writable
> filesystem spaces during boot.

if neither aufs nor unionmount (nor unionfs-fuse; which is not really
supported well anyway) is present, a tmpfs fallback would be indeed
nice, yes.

> If I were to come up with a patch to the various scripts which support
> graceful fallback to tmpfs, would it be possible to include it ?


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