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roadmap - Grub on USB


I note 'finish grub on usb' as a Short Term Goal at
<http://live.debian.net/project/roadmap/> (Sept 8th)

Can someone explain what this task entails / has it already been
implemented ?
Is it Grub 2 with partitions and persistence in USB Stick accounted for

There are so many variations possible culminating into even complex setups
where Grub chainloads Syslinux installed in to a partition - I see so many
questions raised and very little clear answers provided on boot set up
(booting Linux / USB in general).
Personally I prefer using the powerful features of Grub 2 setup and boot
ISO images straight out of USB. This way the "Live" Debian Installer would
work happily as it is, too. 
I haven't had a chance to compare ISO on USB against 'USB HDD install' for
any performance issues, yet.
All pointers to useful resources welcome (privately if not directly
related to Debian Live) as I aim to write some documentation.


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