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Re: problem with keyb=fr

On 09/14/2010 10:43 AM, Emile CARRY wrote:
Le 26/08/2010 12:47, Emile CARRY a écrit :

I make a new test on sid on amd64 to generate squeeze live-usb with :
lh config -b usb-hdd -a i386 -d squeeze --bootappend-live

always uk keyboard.

and with
lh config -b usb-hdd -a i386 -d squeeze --bootappend-live
"live-config.locales=fr_FR.UTF-8 live-config.keyboard-layouts=fr"

=> uk keyboard et en locales...

to close this problem, everything is ok if I add "console-setup" package with [--packages "console-setup"]

Perhaps it would be interesting to add to default config?

console-setup is in the default for lenny, but is superceded by keyboard-configuration in squeeze (at least in the latest 2.x version of live-build). i believe the "keyboard-layouts" option should work equally well with keyboard-configuration. if it does not with the latest 2.x version of live-config (2.0.5-1) then i guess this is a bug.

by the way, you don't need to prefix your options with "live-config." (see man page).

here's a copy of the standard package list from live-build 2.0~a28-1:

# /usr/share/live/build/lists/standard - package list for live-build(7)

## LH: Standard
#include <minimal>

console-setup console-common kbd

#if DISTRIBUTION squeeze


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