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Re: [PATCH] on-commit-messages: Quick intro on submitting patches using git tool

On 09/06/2010 12:00 AM, M. Schneider wrote:
>> as discussed with Sedat and a bit with Daniel I have prepared on
>> behalf of them a short quick howto to help newcomers to extend the
>> live-manual.

while i'll greately appreciate any help with updating the manual, i'll
repeadetly said on IRC to you that i think this shouldn't be added to
the manual. for the records and so that those who are not following irc
can follow, here's why:

  * the manual is about debian-live, not about git. there are many good
    documents about git linked on the homepage of git itself, we don't
    need to copy that.

  * everything that gets added to the manual needs to be kept updated.
    we're already having problems keeping the core stuff up2date, i
    don't think it's a good idea to add even add unrelated stuff that
    just makes us additional work.

>> As I do it my first time I will be very glad to get some feedback in
>> case I am doing something not in such way you would expect - thank you
>> in advance.

+<< other_quick-intro-submitting-git-patches.ssi

other_* is for stuff that is not reviewed or not yet updated to squeeze.
if you add new content, don't add it under other_*.

+B~ Quick intro on submitting patches using git tool
+1~ Quick intro on submitting patches using git tool

better spelling would be: Quick Introduction on Submitting Patches using Git

+This chapter documents environment and git settings required to edit
live-manual and to apply modificatinos to the git repo.

s/environment/the environment/

+2~ Setting of local user

Local user settings?

+The settting can occure in $HOME/.bashrc or $HOME/.gitconfig

do not use .bashrc for that and don't advertise that, only use
.gitconfig which is shell independent.

+3~ $HOME/.gitconfig
+	name = Your Name Comes Here


+	email = you@yourdomain.example.com

i suggest you use the same dummy names that live-config uses in its
example package.

+2~ Create an own GIT branch of desired documment

s/of desired documment//

+mkdir -p SRC/live-manual; cd SRC/live-manual

uppercase directories? are you serious??

+# crealte a local copy of git repo


+git clone git://live.debian.net/git/live-manual.git
+cd live-manual/
+git branch -l
+git branch -r

rather than that, people should use what the about chapter lists (with
importing the ssh key and clone over ssh, as otherwise you can't push)

+# create an own git branch
+git branch on-commit-messages
+# Change to the own git branch
+# (switch to branch 'on-commit-messages')
+git branch -l
+git checkout on-commit-messages
+# git checkout -b on-commit-messages
+# edit the required file
+vi manual/en/other_quick-intro-submitting-git-patches.ssi
+# Create git diff
+git diff manual/en/other_quick-intro-submitting-git-patches.ssi
+git diff manual/en/other_quick-intro-submitting-git-patches.ssi | cat
+git add manual/en/other_quick-intro-submitting-git-patches.ssi
+git commit -a
+# create a patch of the last commit
+git format-patch -1
+# Modifying again
+git commit --amend

bad example; you should use something more generic.

+ironm@ppc:~/SRC/live-manual/live-manual$ git commit -a

now you suddenly start to give the shell prompt; we consistently don't
do that on purpose.

+Please send the output of 'git diff' (like
0001-quick-intro-on-submitting-patches-using-git-tool.patch) to the
mailinglist (debian-live@lists.debian.org) to discuss proposed changes.

you should send the commit in form of a patch to the ml, or upload the
repo somewhere in a public place so that we can pull from.


all included more or less directly on the git homepage already.

+2~ FAQ modifying of live-manual sources
+Do I need to add such words like "'Fixing/Adding/Removing/Correcting/"
in front of every change I have made in the source of live-manual?
+<dba> if you do single fixes, yes. if you rework/update a whole
chapter, then you commit one chapter. Read
-- 1.7.1

that should be prosa, not irc messages copied.

but anyhow, i don't think, even with this corrections and further
language improvements, this shouldn't be in the manual in the first place.


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