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Valuable pleasment for C language developers

Dear core developers of Debian live,
    I would like to very valuably please somebody of us, if there is some experienced C language developer among us. My pleasment is related to one screen reader written in C language. It is old screen reader, named Gnopernicus.
I know, that The source code of this program have been developed for The components of Gnome version dated to The year 2005 or 2004. But this screen reader is having very strong potential among todays awailable at-spi compatible screen readers.
C language code is much more faster and if for example live-magic is being generating .iso image for me, i can not observe The process like a sighted person if Python based screen reader is running. I know, that Orca is also using some C language code but most of The code is written in Python. This is not bad in general, but til The time, if You will try to run many Python applications at The same time and Orca or also SUE will try to get some crucial information from them.
Yes, i know, that GNome is also coded by using Python and C language, that GNome is also not programmed in C language at all.
And that Python is made by using C language too.
Normal user, who is not being forced to use at-spi compatible assistive technology will never be motivated to explore such programmers thinks. Because user will not notice any magnificant differences while using several Python applications, which are communicating between each other.
So my pleasment is as follows:
1: Source code of Gnopernicus screen reader is using methods for accessing GNomespeech library. Unfortunately, The Gnomespeech library is much more different even in Gnome included with Debian Lenny. The difference between calls and accessing this library by using C language have been very probably dramatically changed.
The problem is, that if Espeak is speaking and user is using Gnopernicus and if user is pressing some key stroke, while Espeak is still speaking, it will cause The crash.
Would somebody of us try to analyse, which parts of C language source code ofr Gnopernicus would had to be modified?
I can not debug those thinks myself. Because triing to use more than one at-spi compatible assistive technology at The same time is causing severe Gnome components crashes.¨
I know, that Gnome developers even included complete IDE for developing and debugging C language applications.
Thank You very, very much for any answer from us.
The source code of Gnopernicus is very well documented but it is not easy program.

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