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Re: problem with keyb=fr

On 08/25/2010 01:47 PM, emile.carry@sequanux.org wrote:

I have installed the last version of live-helper (2.0~a23-1) on my lenny
and I want to build a live usb squeeze with french keyboard.

I try old option : lh_config --bootappend-live "locale=en_GB.UTF-8 keyb=fr"

"keyb=fr" is no longer correct with new live-config.

  and option from wiki

the wiki is not authoritative. please see the live-config man page for the correct option.

  : lh_config --bootappend-live "live-config.=fr"
  (I cut the others options)

What is my mistake?

"live-config.=fr" looks like a cut-and-paste error. the actual variable name is supposed to appear between "." and "=". what wiki page has this on it?

In fact, I think you don't even need the "live-config." prefix anymore, but can just specify the part that comes after (though I don't see anything about this in the man page, but this is what i recall from some discussions on irc earlier). So, I think this should work:

--bootappend-live "keyboard-layouts=fr"

what happened to your locale option? "live-config.locales" is supported (again, see live-config man page).


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