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Re: binary_local-packageslists

On 07/13/2010 12:33 AM, Vitaly wrote:
> It is not about "d-i" packages.

...but binary_local-packageslists is for creating the repository needed
for d-i when you want to specify additional packages to be installed
beyond the content of netinstiso and are not included in the live system

> If we use a repository "sid" and "testing", then we obtain all binary packages
> from the repository "sid" to "testing".
> Thus, loss of information about the origin of the package on disk.
> Somehow this is not right ...

i'm happy to change/improve/add whatever you need if it makes sense,
however, currently i'm failing to understand what your actuall need and
use-case is.

would you mind being a bit more verbose about your plans?


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