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Re: what is the auto/.. dir about?

On 06/30/2010 11:42 PM, Jonas Stein wrote:
> Do you have any links / hints for me?

2010-06-28 16:23:14 < jstein> hmm... thats new for me ;-) do you have a
link with some information about how to use that auto
2010-06-28 16:24:09 < jstein> i think i have to renew our whole build
process. I am glad we talked about it ;-)
2010-06-28 16:25:01 < dba> there was an longer explenation (that i'll
plan to put in the manual after i fixed the tidy: target)
2010-06-28 16:25:19 < dba> on the mailinglist, look for the subject
'Storing configuration in VCS' or similar
2010-06-28 16:25:29 < dba> there were two threads, read the second one.
2010-06-28 16:25:47 < jstein> thank you
2010-06-28 17:05:34 < SynrG> jstein: i have an up-to-date auto/* if you
want to look
2010-06-28 17:06:05 < SynrG>

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