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Re: thoughts about adding tmpfs support to live-helper


Brendan Sleight wrote (23 May 2010 13:17:11 GMT) :
> Benchmarks would be really handy to aid the discussion.
> Even guesses might be useful.

Ok. So I tried building the squeeze branch of T(A)ILS [1].
Here is what "time lh build" reports:

- in tmpfs :

real	9m31.897s
user	9m27.891s
sys	1m35.566s

- without tmpfs, on an encrypted filesystem over 2 SATA hard disks in
  a RAID-1 array (please note the CPU is not so much used during most
  of the build, so I doubt the encryption is a significant parameter

real	64m18.963s
user	9m29.552s
sys	1m56.151s

Quite convincing, uh?

[1] http://amnesia.boum.org/

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