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Bug#581808: This bug could be a live-initramfs problem


this bug is apparently caused by this code in scripts/live from live-initramfs:

        DEBCONF_TMPDIR="$(chroot /root mktemp -dt debconf.XXXXXX)"
        cp -a /root/var/cache/debconf/config.dat "/root$DEBCONF_TMPDIR/"
        cp -a /root/var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat "/root$DEBCONF_TMPDIR/"
sed "s,^Filename: /var/cache/debconf/\(config\|passwords\).dat$,Filename: $DEBCONF_TMPDIR/\1.dat,; /^Name: templatedb/a\ +Readonly: true" /root/etc/debconf.conf

I'm not really sure if the "+" has to be there, but if debconf never required (or allowed) "+" in the beginning of debconf.conf line, it probably shouldn't.

   Jiri Palecek

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