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Bug#581366: live-initramfs: CD image unusable both as live CD and as installed

Carlo Stemberger <carlo.stemberger@gmail.com> wrote:
> Here attached you can find 2 log files:
> *bt-builder.log (the log of my script, lh config included)
> *build-log (the log of lh build)

build looks ok (except that a package of yours apparently couldn't be
installed, but that's your problem and unrelated to booting issues).

now looking at runtime issues..

> Here[1] three screencasts:
> *live.ogv: it doesn't work

that video shows a perfectly booting live system, don't see anything wrong.

also, stating 'doesn't work' doesn't help. be *precise* what you mean.

> *text_install.ogv: the install fails

can't see that from the video since you skipped the actual installation
procedure. therefore, that video is not helpful.

> *expert_install.ogv: the install works, but the installed distro
> fails the boot

without knowing what you selected at installation time, ther's nothing
we can do about it. again, you ned to be *precise*.

> Please let me know if you need anything else.

for booting issues, we *always* need live.log, otherwise we can't do
anything about it.

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