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Re: Monitor Displays "Invalid Mode"

On 04/22/2010 07:19 AM, John L. Males wrote:
Please be advised none of the V5.x Debian Live USB images have
worked with the Dell LCD Model E152FPc and Wyse S50 video.
The result is the same "Invalid Mode" display by the Dell
LCD.  All other distributions I have tried have had no problem
working with the Dell LCD Model E152FPc and Wyse S50. It would
be really helpful if this issue could be resolved.  I really
need to use a Debian distribution on the Wyse S50.

this is a problem of the xorg autodetection, nothing we can do about here regarding debian live.

please test squeeze alpha 1:

if you can still reproduce it with that version, please report a bug against the xserver-xorg package then.


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