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Re: When BIOS does not support booting from USB device


     This is my first message on the list, so, I'm going to introduce myself. My nick is aitiba and someones knows about me from the IRC. I start using live-helper a week ago. I like so much the software, is very simple but there are not a lot documentation but which are is very good and helpfull. Thanks for that create the software, the documentation, to the people of the IRC that is helping to newbies like me, ultimately to all the people that help making and growing live-helper. Thanks and congratulations for all of us.

     So... very interesting information. I'm not a window$ user but could be helpfull someday. I dont understand so well one thing: do you install debian on a ntfs partition or you install it above window$ ? Thanks for share, worwor! :-)

Thanks for all. Regards. aitiba

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