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Solution for a nasty problem: 'mount -t proc [...] failed'

Dear all,

I just wasted a whole day chasing down a pretty annoying problem. The 
symptom was that live-helper failed pretty early, complaining that it was 
unable to perform a simple "mount -t proc proc proc/" in the chrooted 
environment, but the mount succeeded quite nicely when done manually.

The problem occurred only after a "git pull", which should have sent me 
down the correct path, but it did not.

The culprit: for lh to work, the helpers/ directory has to be in the 
PATH. I _prefixed_ the path. As a consequence, 'chroot' did not resolve to 
/usr/sbin/chroot anymore, but to $LH_BASE/helpers/chroot. (The reason is 
the big lh_* -> * rename in 10da6c3.)

The solution: _append_ the helpers/ directory to the PATH.

Hopefully, this information will help some people,

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