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Problems with GRUB

Hi all,
I'm trying to customize GRUB in a squeeze live.
I use syslinux when the LiveCD is launched but grub must be the default bootloader after the installation.
I want simply to customize the background, so I've inserted a chroot_local-includes/usr/share/images/picture.png and pointing to it in a chroot_local-includes/etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme, which in my mind should override the GRUB package settings.
The problem: on the "live" system, all goes well, but when I try to install it, the GRUB installation fails because an /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme is already present.
The system ask me (switching with ALT+F4) to diff, overwrite, or else but I cannot answer and obviously is not an acceptable behaviour.

What I'm doing wrong?
Which is the best way to customize a software like grub?

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