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Re: debian-live-60alpha1-powerpc-lxde-desktop.iso on USB also successful

Hi Jeroen,

On 24 March 2010 21:25, Jeroen Diederen <jjhdiederen@zonnet.nl> wrote:
> debian-live-60alpha1-powerpc-lxde-desktop.iso and I dd-ed it on a USB
> stick. I booted it just like the rescue-CD-iso and was successful with
> boot option

> live video=ofonly
> I was dropped back into a shell as X refused. I fiddled with xorg.conf a
> bit and after a while I had a working LXDE liveUSB environment :)

Any chance of the details behind the xorg.conf fiddling - I have an
old PPC with no Hard Drive sitting gathering dust.


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