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Success with USB booting ppc liveCD

I downloaded debian-live-503-powerpc-rescue.iso. Then I copied it to a
USB stick:
dd if=/home/jeroen/Downloads/debian-live-503-powerpc-rescue.iso

Then I rebooted into open firmware on the PowerBook G3 Pismo (Option
+Command+o+f). I then looked for the devices:

dev usb0 ls
dev usb1 ls
ff8d0e38: /disk@1

This shows that there is a yaboot bootloader on usb1 disk@1. I then
tried some variations and it appeared that on the second partition was

boot usb1/disk@1:2,\\:tbxi

Screen went black but I was dropped back in open firmware with the

can't OPEN: cd:,\yaboot\yaboot
booting did not go automatically, it looks like it thinks it should be a
CD ?

I could boot by issueing:
boot usb1/disk@1:2,\\yaboot\yaboot

I was then in the rescue USB. Booting into the rescue liveUSB went fine!


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