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Re: live.debian.netcdimage, Builds - Frequency

On 03/20/2010 11:55 PM, Brendan Sleight wrote:
   2010-03-17: Debian Live Squeeze alpha1
   The first alpha images for the upcoming Debian Squeeze 6.0 release
have been uploaded.

Which sounds very exciting.

i'm not finished writing the announcement yet, that's why you've not read anything about it yet on the ml.

Any idea how often the squeeze-build are made ?

Also how often are the other builds - built ?

we still don't have autobuilds enabled, so they are still manual releases triggered; daily/weekly builds are becoming more and more a burden as they are quite big (each set is nearly 50gb). i'm not sure yet how and where to build them in a sustainable way (problem here not being amd64 and i386, but powerpc and sparc).

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