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Fwd: rescue mode doesn't load loop-aes modules

Resending again since I didn't get any reply,
hopefully someone will consider this and make future live/rescue cds
more loop-aes friendly.

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My laptop is encrypted using loop-aes.
I have a <testing> distro and it has been a while since I last updated.
I upgrade the kernel (from 2.6.26 to 2.6.32), udev, hal, fsck, etc...
After some serious fighting I'm able to solve the dependencies
problems and build the loop-aes module for a kernel not yet running.
The laptop boots, reaches grub and then asks for loop-aes password, I
type it and the system starts booting.
BANG... fsck decides to start whining and mount my system as
read-only. fsck fails big time and complains about not finding
super-block (note that everything was fine before the upgrade). I'm
also unable to unmount because of the loop-device.

I try to use the rescue cd to try to fix the problem by clearing up
the filesystem dirty flags (by running a non-bugged version of e2fs or
util-linux-ng), but the rescue cd simply states that it doesn't
recognize that partition.
Nor does it bother to ask the user for any options.

And when I try to go to a secondary shell, there is no losetup which I
can work it. The same for the Gnome/KDE desktop session.

All of this may be related with this bug, I don't know...

It's 5am and I'm reinstalling my system using:

The installation fails during grub installation if only using the cd
(that is, no network repository is being used); apt/grub complains
that it can't find a candidate (or something like that)
And debian-mirrors (main germany mirror) failed to find a match for my

Also, when choosing 2.6.32 as kernel, there is no loop-aes module for
it... It's nice when the error message only shows up at the end of the
installaion :-|
I rebooted and... it doesn't work

Oh and grub 2 (since I was unable to install legacy) detects but then
fails to add entries for other OSs. When I boot only linux is on the
grub menu.

back to the 20081122 weekly build cd
and start it all over again

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