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Re: Yet another [cross] installer

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 11:48, JLB <j@twu.net> wrote:
> Namely, if there was ALWAYS a way (which could not be turned off) to extract
> a kernel's configuration (in a format which could be plunked into
> /usr/src/linux and used to build new modules) from the running kernel,
> things would be much simpler.
> Why this has not already been done is beyond me.
> Yes, it is nice that there is a kernel OPTION that makes the current kernel
> config show up as /proc/config or whatnot. But there is certainly room for a
> 'middle path', perhaps spitting out some fugly binary which can be
> interpreted by an external program/script and thus -converted- into a
> properly formatted config file.
Try extract-ikconfig:

The problem with making this option non-disableable is there are
reasons to make the kernel as small as possible: embedded devices, for
example, where every kilobyte counts.


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