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Re: Broken documentation

No one took my comments personally, that's good. I should have stressed if I was not impressed with Debian Live, I would have given up on it long ago. It's just frustrating to be so close to something workable and then have to back up three steps as often happens to me. Fortunately my Internet connection is very fast these days so when things are hosed up I can delete and start over. But I think I am almost past that stage in the learning curve.

" Applying patches

Directly commiting to the repository is possible by anyone."

Zowie. That's pretty open.

I have not tried git yet, oh joy, what does this make, the 10th version control system I have had to learn or the 11th? Hey, how hard can it be to pick up another? Can't be too much harder than using a wiki. :-)

Thanks for the feedback and polite responses.


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