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Re: Error Report | Ultimate Debian Live CD 5.0 r2

Am Samstag 20 Februar 2010 15:23:01 schrieb IMS:


caveat: I am not affiliated with the project - just another user.

> Ultimate Debian Live CD 5.0 r2

Could yo give a pointer where to get it so I can take a look. Is it an 
official image ?

>  When booting off Live CD
>  - and selecting to use RAM  (I have 2.5GB RAM)
>  OS     asks for Login :          and;
>                           Password:
>  Nowhere can I find any of those and neither do I know where top look for
> them either on the Disc or the website

Try this (from google query 'debian live password')


the password for the user live could be live.

>  Never had this stupid problem with Ubuntu
Depends on who you ask. BTW I guess patches are always welcome.

>  How does anyone expect to have a following if this crazy idea
>  of login and password is required without supplying the information
>  required.

How do you suggest this information is presented best ? Do you mean online , 
oflline, on the CD ? . Suggestions welcome.

>  And if you try and tell me that neither are required  -- try it yourself
>  because I am not here to waste either my time or yours.

People in the community tend to believe what you report so there is no reason 
to assume anyone os trying to waste your time.

>  I have a serious interest but all jokes aside the system as it stands
> sucks!

I cannot really agree here (not that it matters). For me it has worked great 
and does not suck. Your milage obviously varies. Anyhow I am pretty confident 
that this can be worked out :-)

Patches are always welcome.

Have a nice day,

Sebastian Hilbert

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