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live-snapshot question

Hello, I'm trying to get a good understanding of how to properly setup a debian live system to use the live-sn (live-snapshot) feature before I create a custom build for use as a home nas. My goal is to create a usb image and have a second partition on the usb stick which will be used for the live-snapshot persistence feature.

I know I'll need to write the usb image to the raw device (exp. /dev/sda), then make a second partition on the usb stick, labeled "live-sn" and then boot the system with the word "persistence" in the boot parameters. Is there anything else that needs to be done? Will the system automatically see the second partition and use is appropriately?

Another option, that I was thinking about but decided against using, but would be interested in how this would work is using the full persistence method on an image file that would reside on the HD's in the system that the nas is sharing. From the docs it seems that the mounting of HD's is done from a script called from rc.local. Is it ok for the persistence image file to be available this late in the process? or does it need to be available sooner than the diskmounter script called from rc.local would make it?

Thank you for any help, I'm really excited about debian live. Great project.

Romeo Theriault

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