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How to run a one time command at the end of a build ?

Hi all,

The GNUmed (1) project has for some time been a thanful user of your work.
LIve-CD production has been uneventful on a Debian Lenny box set up to produce 
a mix of Lenny and packages from testing/unstable.

We are using a PostgreSQL database which is filled at boottime. While this 
works it leads to a longer boottime for the user.

Is there any way/mechanism one can issue a set of commands when building the 
image has finished ?

I am thinking of something along the lines.

/etc/init.d/postgresql start
/etc/init.d/postgresql stop

This could be used to change some files, create symlinks etc. The goal is to 
have the database filled already at build time so the user will have a better 

Any help is appreciated.

Sebastian Hilbert
GNUmed team

(1) http://wiki.gnumed.de

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