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Re: How to resize the IMG USB Live-Debian pendrive ?

Op 20100208 om 12:10 schreef yellow protoss:
> Hello,
> The dd if=debian-live.img of=/dev/sda results in a bootable live-debian
> pendrive, of 200-250Mb.
> Is there a way to resize it to full pendrive partition, of e.g. 1 Gygabyte
> of my pendrive?
> I tried with gparted but this gparted screw all the partition, and kill the
> fat16 and badly make a fat32, by error (or bug). No way to use it to
> resizing the debian-live fat16 bootable pendrive.
> Is there some tricks to make it?

The command
 dd if=debian-live.img of=/dev/sda
does infact three things:
 * writing a bootsector,
 * writing a partition table and
 * writing the actual files into /dev/sda1

After that, you only should add partitions. And only without touching
the fresh created /dev/sda1.

The added partitions can be used for persistent storage.

In other words:  See /dev/sda1 as a (read-only) CDROM
and the other partitions as (write-able) disk space on the pendrive.

> Thanks
> Regards

Geert Stappers

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