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Re: Problem with linux-image-2.6-486

joseangon wrote:

2010/1/31 joseangon <joseangon47@gmail.com <mailto:joseangon47@gmail.com>>


    I have the same problem with linux-image-2.6-486. Report a 404

    I have looked at
    /usr/share/live-helper/helpers/lh_binary_debian-installer. In line
    314. He commented:

    #        i386)
    #            DI_REQ_PACKAGES="elilo lilo grub"
    #            DI_PACKAGES="${DI_REQ_PACKAGES} linux-image-2.6-486
    #            ;;

    And the process has continued.

    When I can complete the test iso. He will report.

    Just to point out that I'm trying another kernel (

Live mode is correct. Tomorrow I'll try to install it.
Did you found an solution for this problem? I have the same problem.


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